Field Box

Field Box Seats
The Field Box seats are divided into two sections: Infield and Outfield.

Infield Field Box are located between sections 110-133.
Outfield Field Box are located between sections 101-110 & 133-142.

In sections 110 and 133, the seat numbers determine whether they are Infield or Outfield.
In section 110, seats starting with 1 are considered Infield. Seats starting with 101 are considered Outfield.
In section 133, seats starting with 101 are considered Infield. Seats starting with 1 are considered Outfield.

Section 101 is considered the Family Section. You can read more about that by clicking here.

A walkway separates the Club Box seats from the Field Box seats.

Almost all Field Box sections have 15 rows. Sections 101 & 142 have 17 rows.
All Infield seats start at row 1 while the Outfield seats vary by section.

The following seats are considered front row in their section:

Section 101 row 7

Sections 102-139, every seat in row 1.

Section 140 row 3.

Section 142 row 10

None of the seats are protected by the upper-deck overhang.

All of the seats are free of any obstruction.

To view actual seat views from the Field Box sections, click here!

Ticket prices for the 2014 season vary by game date.
Infield Field Box: $45-$108.
Outfield Field Box: $37-$82.

All prices are subject to change due to market demand. The price you see one day may be different the following day. Prices will increase as supply becomes limited.  Cubs encourage you to buy early for the best price due to dynamic pricing.

Best value are the Outfield Field Box seats in sections 110 and 133.
Up to $26 price differential from seats in the Infield to the Outfield!