What is the difference between an aisle and section?
– There isn’t a difference between the two words. An aisle divides a section in half. While you are facing the field, seats on the left side of the aisle will always start with 101. Seats on the right side of an aisle will always start with 1.

How are seats 106 and 6 directly side-by-side?
– Depending on the sections and how many seats are in a row, it is very possible those seats are side by side. As mentioned above, seats on the left side of an aisle start at 101. If there are 12 seats in that row, six of those seat numbers will be 101,102,103,104,105,106. The other six seats will be seat numbers 6,5,4,3,2,1.
Combine all of those seats together, and the seat numbers for that particular row look like:
However, the seat numbers 101-106 are considered a different section than seat numbers 1-6. Here is an example:

Seating Example

All of those seats are together. The seats in the red shading are considered section 11. The seats in the white are considered section 12. The seat numbers in the middle are seats 6 and 106.

What is the difference between a ‘box’ seat and ‘reserved’ seat?

– Box seats are located in front of the poles. That means you will always have a perfect view without any obstructions. Reserved seats are located behind the poles and you have an increased chance of having some sort of obstruction blocking your view. Box seats are more expensive but worth the price knowing you’ll have a great seat!

Do I have an assigned seat in the bleachers?

– During the regular season, the bleachers are general admission. Earlier you arrive, the better seat you will get. During the playoffs, the bleachers have assigned seating.

Is alcohol allowed in every section?

– Section 101 is considered the ‘Family Section.’ Alcohol is not allowed in this section. That is the only section where alcohol isn’t served.

How early am I allowed to enter the ballpark?

– The gates open 2 hours before first pitch. Depending on the weather, you will likely be able to watch batting practice if you enter immediately.

What seats provide the best view of the field?

– Of course the expensive premium and club seats are the best, but there are more affordable seats that provide solid views. Nearly all Infield seats (that are unobstructed) provide a solid view. The seats between 1st base and 3rd base in the 200, 400, & 500 levels are solid seats.

What is dynamic ticket pricing?

-Dynamic pricing allows the Cubs to increase or decrease the price of tickets based on supply and demand. The weather, pitching matchups, or day of the game can all affect the price of tickets. The price you see one day may be different the following day for the same seats. Single game pricing will never go below season ticket holder pricing.